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Set Up

As a concert musician, you are sensitive to your instrument and its every nuance.  You are particular about the sound you are trying to achieve.  You have specific goals and personal biases. You know your instrument has more to give.  How do you get the most out of it? How do you and your instrument find the perfect fit?  Glenn can help.

Glenn is a musician, makes instruments and has perfect pitch.  He is patient with the set up process and listens to your needs. He understands the process and has been sought out by musicians from around the world for his unique gift.




Bridge repair and replacement, sound post patch, crack repairs, re-plane finger board, neck graft, neck reset, top off top on, interior damage repair, open seam repair, touch up and refinishing, new sound post, re-fit pegs and re-bushing peg holes are just some of the many thousands of repairs Glenn has made over the years.






Restoring an instrument involves many considerations.   Why are you restoring this instrument? What is your budget? What will the instrument be worth after restoration?  Glenn can help navigate these considerations to arrive at the work to be done to fit your situation.

Once a restoration plan has been agreed, it takes a highly-skilled expert to meet the challenging demands in this specialized field.  An understanding of the concepts of violin making throughout the ages and years of making, repairing and restoring of fine instruments is essential.







Appraisals for violins, violas, cellos are available.  You may be asked to leave your instrument for assessment to determine if a full written appraisal can be issued. Appraisals are offered at our discretion.

Appraisals are based on the value of the instrument:

  • Minimum                                  $120
  • $10,000 – $100,000                   $250
  • $100,000 – $250,000                 $350
  • $250,000 and above                   $450

For $95, an insurance appraisal can be updated if no change of ownership.

Please Make an Appointment

As a courtesy to Glenn, please call for an appointment.  During the week, Glenn is busy working on new instruments and repairs and his time and focus is valuable.  As such, walk in traffic may be difficult to accommodate. Appointments are appreciated.  Thank you. :)

phone: 608-692-6183


address: 6902 St. Hwy 127, Bryan Ohio 43506