Glenn Robert Stevens Luthier, LLC warrants that the handcrafted ____________, with serial number ____________________, made by Glenn Robert Stevens in the year _____________, is free from defects and provides a limited, lifetime warranty against maker’s defects in materials and craftsmanship.

It is understood that handmade, classical instruments are made from natural wood including maple, spruce and ebony.  Wood expands and contracts and is subject to climate and humidity change.  Exposure to rapid changes in temperature may cause “checking” or “crazing” to occur. This can happen when the wood expands, or contracts, faster than that of the natural spirit finish. 

It is further understood that the handmade spirit, oil and resin-based finishes made by Glenn are natural and subject to adverse reaction from contact with smoke, sweat, waxes, grease, vinyl, plastic, silicone-based products, synthetic rubber and abrasive surfaces.  This spirit finish will continue to cure, and change, during the life of the instrument.  Reasonable changes in color and hardness of the finish is to be expected.

Moreover, Glenn uses 100 percent, natural fish and animal hide-based natural glues in keeping with the old-world ways of instrument making.  As such, these natural glues may lose their adhering property as the wood expands and contracts and stresses the glues.  Separation of seals is a normal part of owning a exquisite, handmade, all-natural, classical instrument.  Should any of the assembled parts separate, or become loose, during the first year of ownership, Glenn Robert Stevens Luthier, LLC will repair, at no cost, and will pay standard, ground UPS or Fed Ex ground freight both to and from anywhere in the contiguous United States providing instrument is shipped in the original GRS Luthier, LLC Shipping Box that came with your instrument.

This warranty extends solely, and exclusively, to the original owner and becomes void if exposed to problems that result from abuse, accident, neglect or misuse.